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Digital era

The world moves more and more towards the digital era, millions of people digitalize almost completely our lives, both socially and financially.

Social networks users

Social active accounts in millions

  • Google1500
  • Facebook2000
  • Twitter300

But people are not just limited to having email accounts and social networks, also, investment accounts, access to banks, bank accounts, cryptocurrency keys, virtual wallets, access to virtual exchanges and more.
With the growing rise of cryptocurrencies, millions of dollars are lost in the blockchain of deceased people or with lost access.

What happens with your digital life when you are gone?

  • Much of that information is lost, not all users have a backup plan.
  • For your relatives it is not easy to get access to your digital assets as it would be to physical assets.
  • Additional documentation will be required to request access to these accounts, this does not guarantee that you can get access.


Digiwills is a service based on a smart contract that aims to ensure that your digital assets are not lost or fall into the wrong hands. Thanks to the blockchain technology, with this innovative service it will be possible to safely leave all your digital assets.

Such as: Access to Cryptographic Portfolios, Exchange, bank accounts, emails and passwords of your social networks and everything that only you have access to.

With this service we can leave everything in order for our families to enjoy our digital assets.


The service will be based on an smart contract in the blockchain, this means that no entity or person will have access or control to the data of the users.
Only the users themselves and the successors will have access, once the information is sent to them.


The data will be stored in the blockchain, encrypted with the owner's key.
Once in the blockchain there will be no way to alter or read them without the owner’s key.


Being a decentralized service, the data will be replicated throughout the network so losing them will be impossible.

How it works

On the platform, the user will be able to create an account where they can save sensitive data, such as: users and passwords, details of bank accounts or any information they wish to be grouped in blocks (Wills), in the blockchain in a secure way, to these blocks the user can assign successors which will receive the information contained in the block (Will).

These blocks (Wills) will be encrypted using the unique key of each user, therefore only the owner will have access to said information and his assigned successors once he meets certain criteria.

The service will consume an amount of the Digiwills Token (DGW) daily, as a condition to keep your data retained. If account run out of funds, the system will send the data to successors.

The Token

Digiwill (DGW)
Max supply:
2,000,000,000 DGW
Pre ICO price:
USD$ 0.0075
ICO Price:
USD$ 0.009
Smart contract:

Token Sale Agreement

Development goals


2020 Q1 - Smart Contracts Development - Completed

Complete and optimize all smart contracts needed for the service.


2020 Q2 - Development Mobile App Android client - Phase 1 Completed

Mobile app for easy use and adoption


2021 Q1 - Development Desktop App client

A desktop app for those who wants to keep their wills at home.


2021 Q3 - Web client development

Development of a web client for easy use and adoption


2021 Q4 - IOS client Mobile App Development

Mobile app for easy use and adoption



Promotions and maintenance of the service

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Project Ratings


How can I participate?

To participate in the crowdsale, you must register on the site and register an Ethereum address that supports ERC20 Tokens, in which you will receive your DGW Tokens.

Can I use an Exchange address (Bitstamp, Coinbase, etc)?

No, on exchanges you usually do not have total control of the wallet private key so you will not be able to access your DGW Tokens.

What about the tokens that are not sold during the ICO?

The unsold tokens will become part of the company's reservation; these tokens will be locked for a minimum period of 24 months.

When the tokens distributed to the team entered the market?

The main team will receive a 10% of the total supply of DGW, these DGW will be locked in a smart contract for a period of 12 months.

To use the service, will I need to buy DGW?

Yes, the service will consume the daily DGW, so you must reserve an amount for these purposes.

When will we receive the DGW in our portfolios?

The tokens will be sent immediately after submitting your contribution, these tokens will be locked until the tokens are listed in the exchange offices.

When will DGW be available in the Exchanges?

We are in constant conversations with several platforms, as soon as the ICO concludes we will have more information about it.

In which Exchanges will the DGW be available?

Currently we do not have precise details, but the idea is to list DGW in as many Exchanges as possible.

What are business strategy funds?

These funds will be used for negotiations with exchanges and future alliances.


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